my Story

I was born and raised in Georgia when it still was a part of the Soviet Union, where cooking at home was such a normal thing that we didn’t think much about it. I was always my mom’s little helper in the kitchen, and by the time I was 14, I could cook by myself. I’ve always loved experimenting and learning new things and after I moved to Ridgefield, CT in 2010, watching food shows and reading cookbooks was one of my favorite things to do. It made me very happy to create tasty and beautiful-looking dishes and then share them with my family and friends, after all, food is love that needs to be shared. That’s how I started my personal chef business in Connecticut almost 10 years ago. During those years I cooked for many families with different needs, dietary restrictions, and cuisine. I learned and improved my culinary skills, published a cookbook “Around the Georgian Table”, recipes of my childhood, taught cooking at schools, and catered many dinner parties. 

Today I teach cooking at Red Inside Culinary, develop the recipes for Delish magazine, and help people plan healthy menus on a budget that are easy to follow and prepare. Food to me is an essential part of my daily routine, whether it’s preparing for me or others or eating it. It should be beautiful, delicious, nourishing, and beneficial for your body and health. This is my philosophy and if you are on the same page and need guidance in this journey, let me be your guide.

"Dona's just the best"

- Sammy, from Brooklyn, NYC -

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