weekly recipes

These weekly recipes are customized to best nourish your body. Everything from your likes and dislikes to dietary restrictions will be taken into consideration when creating the menu.

For every week that you subscribe, you receive a pdf with the following information:

  • Grocery list for the week under your desired budget 
  • 7 Breakfast Recipes & Instructions 
  • 7 Dinner Recipes & Instructions



Cooking videos

Every week, I will provide you with five easy-to-follow cooking videos that are tailored specifically for you. These recipes will be customized to nourish your body and mind, ignite your passion for cooking, and help you develop fundamental kitchen skills, so you feel completely at ease in the kitchen.

Rest assured that I will take your likes and dislikes, as well as any dietary restrictions you may have, into consideration when creating these videos. This personalization ensures that each dish will be a perfect match for your unique preferences and needs, making your culinary journey a truly personalized and enjoyable experience.

meal planner

The Planner includes Your Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Essentials, A Collection of Budget-Friendly Recipes, and Your Yearly Planner to help you organize your day-to-day meals and weekly grocery lists.

INCLUDES 3 essential items

  • A written Guide to Kitchen Essentials, how to shop how to store, and more.
  • A bundle of Budget Friendly Recipes
  • A yearly Meal Planner to keep track of your meals and grocery lists.
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“Around the Georgian Table”, meals of my childhood have about 120 traditional Georgian recipes with clean, simple page designs and some very appealing pictures. The book starts with my memoir; childhood in Georgia, the trip to the USA that changed the course of my life, and how I discovered a new path in food, cooking, teaching, and sharing.  The recipes are concise and the ingredients are easy to find in the states. You will find some nourishing, colorful, and hearty soups, stews packed with herbs and flavor, vegetables with delicious walnut pesto and vibrant pomegranate seeds, many different kinds of stuffed breads and other famous traditional dishes that are becoming so popular in here. 

Order yours today!