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- Everyone's preferences and requirements are different, which is why I developed a diverse range of resources. Whether it's me personally guiding you or you printing out a handbook I'm here to bring back ease and joy in cooking -

your ultimate guide

I am here to guide your way through eating fundamentals. From the grocery store to your kitchen, how to eat sustainably and resourcefully. 


  • How to choose your produce.
  • How to categorize your spices.
  • What to keep in your pantry and how to organize it.
  • 4 cooking classes.

meal planner

The Planner includes Your Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Essentials, A Collection of Budget-Friendly Recipes, and Your Yearly Planner to help you organize your day-to-day meals and weekly grocery lists.

INCLUDES 3 essential items

  • A written Guide to Kitchen Essentials, how to shop how to store, and more.
  • A bundle of Budget Friendly Recipes
  • A yearly Meal Planner to keep track of your meals and grocery lists.


A collection of recipes from my country, the Republic of Georgia. These unique sweet and savory dishes will warm your soul with love and delight your guests.