Swift Hibernian Lounge, an Irish pub in NYC

Discover Swift Hibernian Lounge, a top-rated Irish pub nestled in NYC's East Village. With a spacious layout, great cocktails, and flavorful sausages, Swift Hibernian Lounge offers an authentic Irish dining experience. Don't miss their crispy fries, savory sausages and communal table!

When you go in, it feels cozy and friendly. The people who work there are nice and make you feel welcome. There's a big table at the back where everyone can sit together.

The best part about Swift Hibernian Lounge is the food. Their fries are crunchy on the outside and soft inside, like magic! The sausages are super tasty too, full of flavor.

The drinks are also great. They make them with care and they taste really good. You can try different cocktails or have a beer.

Overall, Swift Hibernian Lounge is a fun place to hang out. Whether you're with friends or family, you'll have a good time eating tasty food and sipping delicious drinks.