Tomato Cucumber Salad 

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This is a perfect salad in summer when farmers markets are filled with the colorful fresh fruits and vegetables, juicy tomatoes and crunchy cucumbers. It’s a simple salad from Georgia, but if you pick the ingredients when they are in season, they are excellent.

Roasted Zucchini in garlic mayo sauce

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Enjoy the taste of summer with our Roasted Zucchini in Garlic Mayo Sauce, perfect for vegetarians and a great side for grilled meats. Prepared by our private NYC chef, this dish brings the freshness of zucchinis with the savory flavor of garlic mayo sauce. Ideal for meal plans and private dining experiences.

Swift Hibernian Lounge

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Discover Swift Hibernian Lounge, a top-rated Irish pub in NYC’s East Village. Enjoy a cozy and friendly atmosphere with spacious seating, including a communal table for group gatherings. Savor their crispy fries, flavorful sausages, and expertly crafted cocktails. Experience the warmth and hospitality that makes Swift Hibernian Lounge a favorite spot for delicious food and drinks.

Tsatsiki Sauce

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Tzatziki is a staple in Greek cuisine and is commonly served as a condiment or accompaniment to various dishes such as grilled meats, gyros, souvlaki, or as a dip with pita bread and vegetables.

Tuna salad

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Tuna salad, when made with wholesome ingredients like tuna, vegetables, herbs, and healthy fats, can offer several nutritional benefits.

Energy balls

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These energy balls are perfect for a quick and nutritious snack on the go, providing a boost of energy from the natural sugars in the dates or other dried fruit and the protein and healthy fats from nuts.

Cheesy Chicken quesadillas

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In Mexico, quesadillas are typically made by filling a tortilla with cheese (often a type of melting cheese like Oaxaca cheese) and then cooking it on a griddle or skillet until the cheese melts and the tortilla becomes crispy.

Tea and Sympathy

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It’s a crisp morning in Greenwich Village, and I’ve got an hour to kill before diving into the work grind. I pass by Tea and Sympathy, the cutest little spot that feels like a slice of England right here in NYC.

Quinoa Salad

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Quinoa is a nutrient-dense whole grain that provides a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals. It is particularly high in protein, containing all nine essential amino acids, making it a complete protein source.

Olive tree cafe

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One of the standout features of Olive Tree Cafe is its Monday evenings, where the place comes alive with the soulful tunes of their live music house band at 9 PM.